Welcome to Schueller Ranch!

We are a family owned and operated Black Angus Ranch located on the Eastern Plains of Colorado. In 2004 we began our Angus herd with the purchase of three registered bred heifers. With those cows we built a small commercial herd who bred back quickly, calved easily and weaned big calves. After a few years of research, we decided to move toward a registered herd. We still wanted great mothers who raised quality calves, but we also wanted to improve the end product. We continue to grow our registered herd using genomic testing to assist us in making the best possible decisions for each animal. We strive for top genetics with a strong focus on carcass merit. With our A.I. program we endeavor to make significant genetic advances each year.

Our children play a substantial role on the ranch. They help not only with the handling of cattle, but also with the genetic decisions and office work behind the herd. At fifteen our oldest daughter became a certified A.I. technician and shortly after bred her first cows. Our sons not only help with the cattle, but also enjoy the farming aspect of the ranch. It is a wonderful life and a great place to raise our family.

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality Angus cattle, giving our customers the best opportunity to maximize the profit and quality of their own herds. We look forward to working with you!